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Hosted by Flor Cantu

Jena opens up about the darkness she endured in an abusive relationship, leading her to seek solace in unexpected places – even witchcraft. But her journey takes a dramatic turn when she encounters the transformative love of Jesus Christ.

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Episode 2

How Jesus Changed My Life, My Testimony

Get to know the host Flor Cantu as she shares raw details of her life leading up to meeting Jesus one day at a church pew.

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Our Host

Flor Cantu

Wife, mother of three, Physician Assistant, and entrepreneur, Flor has devoted her life to helping others.

Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain for years, she chose to recommit herself to God in the Fall of 2023. Since then, Flor has dedicated herself to reading the Bible for the first time and deepening her faith.

Years ago, God had planted the idea of starting a podcast within her, and now she has taken a leap of faith, sharing her experience of rediscovering joy and living with purpose.

Flor leads real conversations about the challenges, triumphs, & experiences that shape our faith-filled lives. Dive deep into topics that matter to YOU: Relationships, Career, Motherhood, Spirituality and Personal Growth.

Through heartfelt discussions and shared experiences, she’ll inspire and uplift you to live a life full of joy and equip you with the tools to navigate life's challenges with grace.

Straight from our followers

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This podcast has my attention for sure. Busy mom of 3 learning how to be intentional in her walk with Christ. We are in for excitement, honesty, vulnerability, and so much more. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I can wait to hear your story. I know many women will relate. So inviting and identifiable. Thanks for stepping into the PODCAST SPACE and taking us on the journey with you

Misty- Lead Her Ministries

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I felt Flor is talking to everyone as she shares herself and journey with Christ. This isn't something easy to do but as a fellow Christian, I can honestly relate and understand my own journey and walk with Christ through this podcast. I always say God works in mysterious ways but when you hear others share their story and are raw as Flor is on Chase Joy podcast, I know God continues to wark in me.

Jena Rekay

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This new podcast is so exciting! Flor is authentic and shares openly such vulnerable moments. You will easily relate and connect with her story! You are not alone! Tune in for a safe place and find healing!

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